Building a Mexico Blue BMW G80 M3!

Building a Mexico Blue BMW G80 M3!

Welcoming our NEW Mexico Blue G80 M3 - our first G80 with a factory Individual colour! Follow the full build here.

Welcoming our new BMW G80 M3 Competition shop car! This example is finished in BMW Individual Mexico Blue - a stunning colour now known as Daytona Beach Blue in the US. Like our last G80, this one features beautiful carbon bucket seats and extended leather. The specification is on point, with something quite controversial at the rear… we’ll get to that shortly.

BMW G80 M3 Competition In Individual Mexico Blue (Front) | R44 Performance

BMW G80 M3 Competition Carbon Fibre Bucket Seats | R44 Performance

We will be working heavily on MHC product development this year, bringing even more industry-leading products to the G8X market. This blog post will document the build throughout - be sure to check back for future updates on the build!

BMW G80 M3 Competition In Individual Mexico Blue (Rear) | R44 Performance

BMW G80 3 M Performance Exhaust System | R44 Performance

That’s right! Our new G80 is equipped with the centre-exit M Performance exhaust - quite a marmite option in the community. At first, we definitely weren’t big fans of this system but, as we deal with so many of these cars, we thought it would be a great opportunity to find out what this system is all about.

Whether we’ll keep this system long-term remains to be seen.

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